Trending Halloween Costumes [AUDIO]

Halloween is right around the corner! It’s one of Jenna’s favorite holidays and she takes you through the hot costumes this year. You can make any costume a ‘sexy costume’. Just listen below! listen to ‘Trending Halloween Costumes’ on audioBoom   Read Jenna’s Blog: Halloweeny for MORE!  

Parenting Fails [AUDIO]

Chloe, J-Si’s daughter, celebrated her first birthday over the weekend, but J-Si and Kinsey forget something important that made them fail as parents. We opened the phone lines to hear from you too. Listen and share below! listen to ‘Parenting Fails’ on audioBoom  

First World Problems [AUDIO]

It’s tough out in the world and we all hate complaining about these “problems” but sometimes we can’t help it! We opened up our phone lines for you to share your first world problems! listen to ‘First World Problems’ on audioBoom