Vacation Book Reports [AUDIO]

While we are out on vacation next week, we’ll be joining hundreds of kids by completing our summer reading list. We’ll even have to give a book report when we get back. Check it out below! listen to ‘Vacation Book Reports’ on audioBoom  

Psycho Shanon Goes to Prison! [AUDIO]

Prisoners will send us letters from time to time, and this morning Kellie wanted to share a few. Also, Psycho Shanon tells us a story about speaking at a prison this week. Listen below! listen to ‘Psycho Shanon Goes to Prison!’ on audioBoom  

Kidd’s Kids Family Road Trip [AUDIO]

Dakota and Hayden went on the Kidd’s Kids trip 12 years ago, and now their parents are taking them on a Rollin Across America trip! Listen, check out and if you’re inspired… support their ADVENTURE! Follow the HayKota Facebook Page to get updates too! listen to ‘Kidd's Kids Family

Seth MacFarlane Joins Us [AUDIO]

It took an hour, but we are thankful Seth MacFarlane fixed his technical problems so that we could talk about his new movie “Ted 2.” Listen to the full interview below! listen to ‘Seth MacFarlane Finally Joins the Show!’ on audioBoom     Watch the trailer for his new movie