Think About What You Name Your Kids…

Someone was really excited when their baby came early yesterday so they decided to ditch the name they originally picked and name her Eclipse. Do you like the name or is that setting her up for a lot of ridicule? We remember all the bad names that people called us

Part-Time Justin’s Apology

Part-Time Justin apologizes for something bad that he said on the radio yesterday… by saying it again in his apology. Plus, listen for a chance to win The Ultimate Lunch Box!  

Good News Tuesday

What are you happy about today? KiddNation called in to share their feels, including a teacher that survived the first day of school, a pregnancy announcement, and a single dad is excited about their new house!  

Does That Make Me Crazy?!

Is there something that you do that makes you wonder if you are crazy? Give us a call and we will give you a proper diagnosis! KiddNation members called in to share their crazies, like someone that skips the commercials on YouTube just because she doesn’t want them to know