Ask Him Out!

We delve into some relationship issues, including… He made the first move and now return the favor and set up that date! Plus, what is the proper amount of time to grieve? And it’s hard to have that conversation but you need to have it! What is the solution? Kellie

The New Shortage

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Part-Time Justin is just a witness. There’s nothing like blind faith while measuring. And Producer Trey’s baby is all over the place. First toilet paper, now this? Plus, a day in the life of Big Al and his girlfriend!

Ana’s Midweek Game

Ana’s midweek update was inspired by this popular Netflix show… Can you survive in The Circle? Plus, guess who is going to Florida! Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to win a Florida Family Flyaway! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Ana’s Midweek Update” on Spreaker.

Smell Training

You don’t need all of the facts, just some of them and that’s why we bring you tidbit news! Today’s Edition: “Smell Training” and the real reason that the flight attendance are checking you out when you get on the plane. PLUS if we aren’t supposed to talk about this… why