Solar Eclipse Trivia

Big Al came up with a new game. This one is called “Big Al’s Solar Eclipse Trivia”… the goal is to know things BUT there’s a twist! Have some fun and play along with us below. Listen to “Solar Eclipse Trivia” on Spreaker.

Grae Drake’s Movie Review

The former senior editor at joined us to talk about “The First Omen”… PLUS “Monkey Man” in theaters now. Watch the trailers below! AUDIO Listen to “Grae Drake’s Movie Reviews – The First Omen And Monkey Man” on Spreaker.   VIDEOS

Christian Combs Accused of Assault

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is cancer-free… Movie & TV news… Madonna hits back at lawsuit… Angelina Jolie alleges physical abuse… and Christian Combs accused of assault Listen to “Showbiz – Apr 5, 2024” on Spreaker.   Last week, YouTuber and streamer Ninja — aka Tyler Blevins — announced that he was