A Sandwich and a BETRAYAL!!
A Sandwich and a BETRAYAL!!

Things start off beautifully. Podcast family member Justin reported that his cancer surgery was successful! And Kellie shared the 22 life-changing things Camila Cabello learned while she was 21. Will you agree with her inspirational words of wisdom? Will you take life advice from a 22-year-old? Allen is skeptical, but eventually climbed on board.

Why do men remember nothing and women remember EVERYTHING? Don’t be too mad at your man, ladies, because there’s a scientific reason for that. Kellie will tell you what that is.

And Kellie and Allen have been on a joint weight loss journey. Allen insists it’s not a competition, but find out what he said to Kellie that caused her to be offended? And then, Allen told something a man should never reveal about his wife!! Would you consider this a betrayal??

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