A Sandwich and a Big Reveal
A Sandwich and a Big Reveal

Allen is back!! And he finally gets to talk about everything he wanted to talk about on the last TWO podcasts! First, what brands are millennials connecting with? And how old ARE millennials, anyway?

Kellie and Allen haven’t heard from the winners of the Maybe Baby contest since they went through their Effortless IVF cycle, so they give Kelly and Luis a call to find out if there’s any news to share.

Kellie took Emma Kelly and two of her friends to the Billie Eilish concert, and EK’s friends actually stood up for Kellie!

Do you have trouble getting your kids to communicate with you? Allen found an article that gives you some conversation starters.

And the handwritten letter is a dying art form. Kellie and Allen not only got a handwritten letter from Podcast Family Member Heather, they also got presents!

Finally, find out the hottest Halloween costumes for adults this year and get the latest update on Emma Kelly & Me!

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