A Sandwich and a Box of Chocolates!
A Sandwich and a Box of Chocolates!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just like a box of chocolates, with our podcast, you never know what you’re going to get.

Kellie and Allen start off by apologizing (again!) for the previous podcast and then they get on with the business of LOVE.

Allen surprises Kellie with a list of ten things he loves about her. Awwww! And Kellie shares the story of a matchmaking mom who’s wanted for questioning by police. Allen plays a game of “Guess the Love Song” by reading Kellie lyrics that sound like beautiful love poems. (Spoiler Alert: Kellie’s not very good at this.) And do the planets really affect your love life? Find out if you’re destined to have a great, lousy or okay Valentine’s Day based on your horoscope!

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