A Sandwich and a Buzzball
A Sandwich and a Buzzball

Due to circumstances beyond their control, Kellie hosted the podcast solo! But before she realized that, she downed a Buzzball and the results speak for themselves.

Kellie talked about her trip to Wichita, Kansas, and all the fabulous people she met there. It was so fun to catch up with Podcast Family Vacationers Josh and Leah and meet their kids! Next week, Kellie is off to Augusta, Georgia, where she hopes to meet up with some other Podcast Family Vacationers, Audrey and Michael!

Kellie is stressing over birthday plans for her daughter’s 13th. Apparently, it’s a lot harder than anticipated…

Find out what October holidays we have to look forward to, the dilemma over buying kids’ Halloween costumes too early, and the best buys of the month!

After Kellie digressed into a random story about her first trip to Broadway, how about some fun random facts! Find out why you shouldn’t lie to your children, the best place to meet a potential mate, what you should wear to a Billie Eilish concert, and where Kellie might get a tattoo!

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