A Sandwich and a Rescue Baby!
A Sandwich and a Rescue Baby!

Kellie and Allen are excited to announce a new addition to the family — Larry the Rescue! Is he a malti-poo mix? A yorkie-poo mix? It doesn’t matter because they love that little thing and could’ve spent the entire podcast talking about him. Even though they had to restrain themselves from doing that, you’ll still find out how Larry came to be a part of the Evans family, how they came up with his name, and how potty training has been going.

Kellie and Allen also ventured out to the wettest, loneliest place on earth — the State Fair of Texas. Over a week of solid rain has kept the crowds away, but that didn’t stop these two from trying to have a little adventure. Also, some podcast listeners emailed letters asking for advice and it got pretty deep. In fact, Kellie and Allen would love it if you listen and then offer some advice of your own at kellieandallen.com.

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