A Sandwich and an Emergency Prayer Request??
A Sandwich and an Emergency Prayer Request??

Kellie has been having a rough week, to say the least. Thankfully, Allen is there to make a late-night prescription run, excuse her forgetfulness, tolerate her bad cooking, and carry this family and this podcast on his back!

So…why did Kellie’s mama send out an email with an emergency prayer request? What awkward encounter did Allen have with the saleslady while shopping for Kellie’s Christmas present? Pete the Attack Dog strikes again, but who is his unexpected victim? And we wrap up with a listener letter about a Christmas dilemma that has Kellie and Allen getting a little agitated with each other’s answers.

PLUS, we finally have some details on Podcast Family Vacation to Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya!! Kellie and Allen will be there July 8-13, and you’re invited to stay as little or as long as you like! To get a special rate that includes a cocktail reception with Kellie and Allen, call Judy at Regent Travel, 214.363.8800!

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