A Sandwich and Some Awkwardness
A Sandwich and Some Awkwardness

Kellie and Allen cover a lot of ground on this podcast! Allen serenades Kellie because……..it’s almost her birthday!! And he got her a surprise which we’ll ALL find out about on the next podcast.

Allen got to hang out with some of his sports heroes — true LEGENDS in Dallas! But things got super awkward when Allen asked Troy Aikman for a picture.

With the 40th anniversary of Terrible Tuesday, Allen talks about the tornado that struck his hometown of Wichita Falls. Kellie also describes what it was like to live through Hurricane Hugo.

Every once in a while in their relationship, Kellie screws up. And this time, she apologized with flowers. Kellie and Allen also share their stories about dealing with panic attacks and how one doctor’s advice has really helped.

Allen has his mind made up that in his golden years, he’s going to sell the house, buy an RV and force Kellie to live in it as they drive across the country. He asks the podcast family for advice about which one he should buy. Find out what Kellie has to say about THAT.

And finally, Allen reads some listener mail!

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