A Sandwich and Some Bachelor Innuendo
A Sandwich and Some Bachelor Innuendo

Kellie isn’t on her A-game, but hey! Life is stressful! But after a little college football talk, Allen lightens the mood with a list of things Bachelor Peter SHOULD have said before champagne went up his date’s nose.

“The University of Las Colinas” starring our very own Allen Evans has its big premiere on February 1! Kellie and Allen have 20 tickets to give away. Find out how you can win a pair on this podcast. And since Allen is now a big movie star, find out how much he charges to send your loved one a Cameo! (Get him while he’s still cheap!)

Allen reads a few letters from our Podcast Family. If you have a question or comment, please email it to podcast@kellieandallen.com.  And Kellie wraps things up with a scandalous Royal Family update.

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