A Sandwich and Some B&B (But Not What You Think…)
A Sandwich and Some B&B (But Not What You Think…)

The podcast starts off on an unusual note — Allen admits he was wrong! And then we dive into “The Incident” that could potentially destroy Kellie’s relationship with her in-laws.

Kellie will admit that she’s jealous their rescue dog Larry seems to favor Allen, who refers to himself now as “Alpha Dog.” But Kellie has her theory as to why this is, which will also explain the “B&B” in today’s podcast title.

Tensions do tend to run high around the holidays, which may be partially to blame for Kellie and Allen not speaking before and after a huge concert. Plus, find out what it’s really like to be backstage. (It’s probably not what you think.)

And we finally have a date (almost!) for the Podcast Family Vacation in Mexico! Also, you can win two tickets to ring in the New Year with Kellie and Allen and stay the night at the Hilton Granite Park in Plano, TX, by posting a quick video on your Instagram explaining why you love our podcast. Be sure to tag @asandwichandsomelovin and use #sandwichNYE18. If your Instagram is set to private, it must be made public in order for us to see it. Deadline to enter is December 3, 2018.

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