A Sandwich and Some Born-Again Virgins
A Sandwich and Some Born-Again Virgins

Sometimes things get a little crazy BEFORE the mics go on. Kellie and Allen did a little bathtub photo shoot before pulling themselves away to press the record button.

Find out about Allen’s big night out with Bad Influence Jeff. After grabbing dinner and some beers served to them by women in their panties, the guys headed down to the Alice in Chains and Korn concert where they found themselves in the middle of a mosh pit.

Kellie has been watching “The Bachelorette” all season and isn’t a big fan of Luke P, HOWEVER…..Was it fair for him to be labeled a sociopath who would hold his future wife a prisoner? And what’s the problem with this concept of becoming a born-again virgin? Kellie and Allen have a heated discussion about that.

A listener writes Kellie and Allen to ask advice about moving in with a man before he proposes, and whether or not the fact that he talks to his mother on the phone for 30 minutes every night before bedtime is normal.

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