A Sandwich and Some Buffoonery
A Sandwich and Some Buffoonery

Just when you think your dog is house-broken, your kid steps in poop and tracks it all over the house. Allen and Kellie give you the low-down on the chaos that kicked off with rescue dog Larry’s poo incident.

And after Allen suddenly realized how much he loves the word “buffoonery,” it got him thinking about all the words he loves and hates. So he and Kellie came up with their lists of favorite and least-favorite words. See if you agree!

We appreciate our podcast family SO much!! One wrote in to share a tip about Apple’s latest iphone update that lets you control your kids screen time, and another sent a wonderful give because she felt sorry for what we were using to tote around out podcast equipment.

Also, get all the details on Kellie and Allen’s upcoming visit to Mabank, Texas, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Yes, A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ hits the road to celebrate Small Business Saturday with a live podcast recording and a fun Swap Party, and we want you to be there!

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