A Sandwich and Some COMPLETE MELTDOWN!!
A Sandwich and Some COMPLETE MELTDOWN!!

This is a podcast like no other. But Kellie and Allen manage to plow through technical difficulties and stomach issues, and we hope you’ll plow right along with them.

After a listener suggested round of Would You Rather — thank you for that, by the way! — Kellie shares some statistics about marital relationships that she finds fascinating, but then it disintegrates into her fussing at Allen for being vulgar. At the end of the podcast, Kellie and Allen then recap everything that went wrong behind the scenes and on the mic for this podcast and promise to make it up to you by performing a fun song on the next podcast!

If you still want to go on a Mexico vacation with Kellie and Allen this July, get all the details at KellieandAllen.com/vacation.

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