A Sandwich and Some Controversial Opinions?
A Sandwich and Some Controversial Opinions?

With all the controversy and chaos and anger and sadness going on right now, Kellie and Allen hope that their podcast can provide a nice distraction! On this episode, they talk about this past weekend’s Cowboys game and how much fun it is (not) to be the designated driver in the midst of all that buffoonery. And then find out how a side salad ruined everything for Kellie’s now rescheduled colonoscopy.

Both Allen and Kellie got called out on social media, one for not missing a meal and the other for being disgusting. Find out what THAT’s all about. And then they answer a letter from a listener whose boyfriend is a little too friendly and open with his female friends.

Finally, Allen and Kellie go through their list of celebrity doppelgangers. And why are their dopplegangers all so fabulously good looking?

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