A Sandwich and Some Desperate Housewives
A Sandwich and Some Desperate Housewives

This podcast was recorded on Kidd’s Kids Day, a massive fundraising effort to pay for 40 children with life-altering and life-threatening conditions to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World this November. To find out more about the charity and to donate, visit KiddsKids.org.

Allen reads letters from listeners who felt some kind of way about his opinion that music from the 80s is the best music EVER. Based upon these letters, 100% of our Podcast Family agree. Allen also shares letters from women who are really struggling in their relationships and asking for advice, as well as one from an RV enthusiast who tries to sway Kellie to get on board the RV Love Train with A-Train.

Kellie wraps up the show with some tidbit news, including the list of Americans’ favorite dog breeds and the super interesting reason why your airplane seat is so stinking uncomfortable.

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