A Sandwich and Some Dog Whispering
A Sandwich and Some Dog Whispering

Kellie and Allen are in love with their new rescue dog, Larry. But let’s be honest, Allen is obsessed. He’s not just Alpha Dog…he’s declared himself Alpha WOLF. Allen has bought all the books on doggie nature and discipline and decided something he learned from the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan can help Kellie with her anxiety.

Before Larry, Kellie had George. When George passed away last year, it took a long time for her heart to heal enough to welcome a new dog. But when she was cleaning out her purse, Kellie came across a tract someone sent her right after George died that addresses the question, “Will I see my dog again in Heaven?” One man who lost his dog searched the Bible for answers and Kellie shares what he believes — and hopes — to be true.

And before Larry derailed the entire podcast with a potty break, Allen and Kellie try to squeeze in some podcast listeners’ letters with “Ask Allen Anything.”

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