A Sandwich and Some Doomsday Prep
A Sandwich and Some Doomsday Prep

Kellie and Allen are all over the place with this week’s podcast! Allen’s dream of owning an RV is being embraced by everyone but Kellie. With the destruction of Hurricane Dorian, it led to a conversation about preparing for disasters. Also find out the upcoming names for hurricanes the rest of this season.

One listener needs advice on dating a man that her kid flat out doesn’t like and another needs help with getting her kids to dress more appropriately.

And coming off last weekend’s wedding festivities, Kellie gives the list of the most popular wedding gifts for 2019. They also discuss prenuptial agreements and things you can do to keep your marriage happy so you won’t be forced to use that prenup!

Heading into the official start of football season, does Allen even want Kellie in the room on Sunday afternoons? And hear all about Allen’s manliness as he scooped up a snake with his bare hands! He also shares how you can tell if a snake is venomous or harmless.

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