A Sandwich and Some Free Weed?
A Sandwich and Some Free Weed?

Kellie and Allen reminded everyone about September being PCOS Awareness Month and the Spotlight on PCOS. Drs. Kevin and Kathy Doody are giving away another free round of Effortless IVF to a couple struggling with infertility. You do NOT have to have PCOS to enter. Visit KellieandAllen.com for rules on the contest. 

And then Kellie and Allen talked all about their adventures getting to Colorado for a weekend wedding. Ah, Colorado. Where the air is crisp, the children are cherubic, and the pot is free if you’re willing to dig through the airport trash can.

But before Colorado, there was the in-flight fight that Allen didn’t even realize he had. Yes, it was all inside Kellie’s head, but it was still REAL. And then Kellie ruined the first half of the weekend with a horrific bout of altitude sickness. Find out how she finally cured it and take heed should you ever find yourself in the same situation!

Their friends’ wedding was lovely, and yes, it was chilly. Kellie and Allen discuss the Instagram Nipplegate controversy.

Kellie tried to be a hero while leaving the airport but Allen’s concern for her safety thwarted her efforts.

If you’ve never been kissed and you’re freaking out about your first experience, Kellie found some helpful tips to get you ready for the big moment.

And finally, Kellie and Allen give you a little peak behind the kimono of their upcoming adventure, Emma Kelly & Me!

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