A Sandwich and Some Grumpy Allen
A Sandwich and Some Grumpy Allen

Kellie is fighting through a cold while Allen is fighting through the losses of Texas Tech, the Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs. So get ready for Grumpy Allen!

Kellie flew to Augusta for the Border Bash and decided to cough up the $98 to upgrade to first class. It was the most wasted first class experience EVER. Then she flew home to host her daughter’s 13th birthday party with a sleepover at a fancy hotel. Yes, there were tears, but Kellie found a way to unite everyone again with one simple instruction.

Meantime, Allen spent the entire weekend with Bad Influence Jeff and eating overpriced barbecue. And then he shares a controversial article about how men doing a lot of household chores can lead to divorce. And finally, Kellie and Allen commiserate over the Cowboys’ loss and then Kellie begs Allen to make her a hot toddy. 

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