A Sandwich and Some High Desert Marfa Chic
A Sandwich and Some High Desert Marfa Chic

Kellie and Allen recap their exhausting, exhilarating, over-indulgent weekend.

After mocking it relentlessly, Allen finally bought in to this whole High Desert Marfa Chic dress code. Find out what went down at the Kidd’s Kids fundraiser and how Kellie got ripped off.

Kellie explains why she gave up dirty martinis. And have you ever thought you were eating one thing but it turned out to be something else???

And Allen is super excited about his upcoming RV trip with his parents and the boys, and Podcast Family Member Aubrianne had some extremely helpful tips to make it a success.

And Allen has finally had it up to HERE with Kellie’s retirement plan of long-haul trucking with her Love Letters to Kellie podcast producer, Robert. How ugly will this get?

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