It’s been two years in the making, but Allen’s movie is finally ready for the masses! Almost. The premiere of the independent film “The University of Las Colinas” was held over the weekend and Kellie gives her honest review. Has Allen been bitten by the acting bug? Will he move on to bigger and better things? When will the public be able to enjoy this action comedy? And what is up with our podcast and swingers?? You’ll get the answers to a couple of these questions on today’s podcast.

Of course, Kellie and Allen watched the Super Bowl and have opinions on the performances. Is it okay not to be as offended as we’re told we’re supposed to be? And advertisers spent close to $6 million for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl. Jason Momoa’s ad may have been hilarious, but do you even remember what the heck he was selling? And find out which commercial the experts say beat out all the rest.

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