A Sandwich and Some LIES!
A Sandwich and Some LIES!

Just how special are you? If we’re ALL special, then is anyone truly special? Deep thought, right? But Kellie has a list of things that may show that you ARE indeed special.

Parents are always lying to their kids. What are the biggest lies that your parents told you that you may have only recently found out weren’t true after all?

Allen just started reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A (BLANK) and he’s REALLY into it. He gives a brief synopsis and plans to get into more with the next podcast.

And Kellie and Allen finally have a Netflix show they’re watching together — Making a Murderer 2. This documentary has them all riled up. But the most fun part to come out of it is Steven Avery’s new attorney, Kathleen Zellner! Kellie was excited to find out Kathleen is following her on Twitter, which brings the added pressure of having to step up her Twitter game.

Congratulations to the winners of Erimish bracelets, Brandi Mince and Tori McMahon!

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