A Sandwich and Some Memorial Day
A Sandwich and Some Memorial Day

Do you the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day? And when was the first Memorial Day observed? After that brief history lesson, Kellie and Allen talk to Sgt. Patrick Sowers of Operation Once in a Lifetime, which grants wishes to members of the military, both active and retired. It’s a WONDERFUL organization, and we hope you’ll check them out on their Facebook page and help make some wishes come true!

Kellie and Allen took a whirlwind trip to LA for the Gracie Awards but almost didn’t make it! Here about the drama of getting there, the panic over a 20 second acceptance speech, and all the rest of the buffoonery from their less-than-24 hours in LA.

And where will Kellie put her Gracie Award? Is it time to start her Wall of ME?

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