A Sandwich and Some Nerd Love
A Sandwich and Some Nerd Love

Nurse Kellie has been taking care of her daughter Emma Kelly, who has been stricken with strep AND flu. And while she’s resting, Kellie and Allen squeezed in their 200th episode of A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ podcast!

Allen has got a case of the holiday blues, but Kellie shocks him with a sexy Christmas morning offer. Will he refuse? Or does Allen take that offer to the next level??

Allen spent the entire weekend propped up on his laptop, spiraling down the YouTube rabbit hole, wallowing in all things Star Wars. Allen is officially a nerd. But it turns out, there are SEVERAL things Allen does that add to his nerd status.

And with Christmas approaching, Kellie and Allen toy with the idea of performing a Christmas carol. Which song do you think they should attempt to perform? Let them know at podcast@kellieandallen.com.

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