A Sandwich and Some Parties
A Sandwich and Some Parties

Kellie told Allen she wanted to entertain more! Wow. Three parties in one weekend?? First, their 12-year-old daughter Emma Kelly hosted her first boy/girl pool party. Who showed up with roses? What song got the immediate ix-nay from mom? And what’s that sticky stuff all over the patio?

Kellie’s dream has always been to live in a cul-de-sac with fun neighbors, and her wish has finally come true! After the pool party, Kellie and Allen popped over to the neighbors’ house for a backyard get-together. Allen brought along something that had all the men at the party looking to buy one on Amazon. Find out what it is and get one ordered for Father’s Day!

And finally, Kellie hosted another pool party to celebrate her friend’s daughter’s college graduation. What did Allen do to earn MAJOR brownie points?

Also, Kellie and Allen discuss the new Batman and debate the best Batman of all time. Both of them deliver what they consider to be Interesting Stuff. And what happened to Allen in the Target that had one man telling his wife, “Swoon more!”

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