A Sandwich and Some Pillow Talk
A Sandwich and Some Pillow Talk

Kellie and Allen recorded this week’s podcast propped up in bed because they recorded it during the final quarter of the Patriots and Chiefs game. Miraculously, Allen managed to participate in the podcast while keeping one eye on the TV!

Kellie and Allen have been on a new weight loss program that involves giving each other shots in the butt. How did their first stab at that go? Was it as dramatic as we expected?

Kellie is thrilled about Chris Pratt’s engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger. That led to a discussion on the average cost of engagement rings and weddings. And if you’re planning a wedding, Kellie and Allen have advice on where you should save your money and where you should invest it.

And Kellie shares one great piece of parenting advice she received from her attorney that really inspired her to start something special this year. Find out what that is and also get details on how you can win Erimish stackable bracelets and go on vacation with the podcast family in July on today’s episode.

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