A Sandwich and Some Ridin’ Solo
A Sandwich and Some Ridin’ Solo

Kellie goes solo on today’s podcast! Well, if you don’t count the dog. But Larry is the inspiration behind this podcast because he’s recently reverted to peeing in the house. That led Allen to do some research and we think we found out the reason why this is happening again AND what we can do to correct that behavior. Only 24 hours into our new routine, and it seems to be working! If you’re having the same issues with your dog, this could be some really helpful information.

Also, Kellie discovered the Dog-Eared blog on one of the podcast sponsors, MyOllie.com com, that was especially interesting — Why Dogs Do Weird Things. So if you’ve ever wondered why your fixed dog still humps your leg or why he’s eating grass, this blog could be very enlightening!

And finally, Allen decided that he and Kellie should share an iCloud calendar. With Kellie having practically zero technological skills, what could possibly go wrong?

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