A Sandwich and Some Rules for Marriage
A Sandwich and Some Rules for Marriage

After losing it last week, Kellie found her meme about the rules for women who want to have a happy marriage. Some might find it controversial, but Allen is going to hold Kellie to it!

Kellie took her mom on a road trip over the weekend, leaving Allen home alone to fend for himself. How did he occupy his time? And how many rules for a happy marriage to Kellie violate while she was gone? And during her mother/daughter weekend, Kellie visited ALL her favorite discount stores, so Allen asked her to rank them from worst to first.

After hearing the tragic news that twins left alone in a car had died, Kellie shares what she saw on a message board that could potentially save other children’s lives. And on a much happier note, if you thought your kid was wasting his or her life playing Fortnite, wait till you hear how much money they could earn if they get really, really good!

And finally, Kidd passed away on July 27, 2013. Allen never met Kidd, but he wanted to perform a song to honor him on the sixth anniversary of his passing and coaxed Kellie into singing a verse with him.

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