A Sandwich and Some RV Lovin’
A Sandwich and Some RV Lovin’

Allen and Kellie had a full and fulfilling weekend! For the first time in a while, they were kids-free,! Since Friday was the 13th, Allen got a tattoo for good luck and then Kellie allowed him to dream his wildest dreams at the RV Show! Did Allen make any progress convincing Kellie to sell all their worldly possessions when they hit retirement age and move into a home on wheels? 

On Saturday, Kellie spent the day cleaning out closets and setting up for her swap party while Allen went to a Tattoo Convention. Kellie shares details on how you can host your own swap party and Allen shares details on yet ANOTHER tattoo he got, as well as some interesting tattoo reveals made by female members of “his people.”

Kellie reads a letter from a listener who thought she’d closed up her baby-making shop but her husband is begging her to go for a girl. Find out what gifts were a HUGE hit for their son Dylan’s 7th birthday. And how will YOU celebrate International Podcast Day?

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