A Sandwich and Some Salad
A Sandwich and Some Salad

Kellie has a work commitment so Allen pulled Bonus Dad Duty and took Emma Kelly to her school to choose electives for her next school year. Emma Kelly wants to do track. Find out what Kellie and Allen think about that.

In the third and final installment of their “New Year, New You” series, Kellie and Allen talk about what they’re doing to drop some pounds and get healthier in 2019. Allen has even cooked for Kellie twice in the first three days of their program! Check out his fabulous steak salad recipe on kellieandallen.com.

Allen has struggled with sleep apnea for decades and thanks to a new dentist and a new mouth appliance, he’s THISCLOSE to being both sleep apnea- and snore-free! He’ll give you the latest update.

And after answering a listener’s letter about her fear of online dating, Kellie and Allen pull questions “Out of Our Hat.”

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