A Sandwich and Some Scottsdale!
A Sandwich and Some Scottsdale!

Kellie and Allen had a whirlwind weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona! (By the way, Scottsdale is NOT the capital of Arizona…)

In addition to celebrating the third anniversary of their very first date, Kellie and Allen went to a weight loss spa where they had a come-to-Jesus with the scale, learned how to give each other shots in the derriere, and were told to eat their hearts out for two solid days before commencing on the program! That may sound like heaven, but it’s harder than you think.

Kellie and Allen also give details on their photo shoot for a local magazine, which is due out in February. And after receiving a lot of messages about incorrectly correcting Kellie about India being part of Asia, Allen shares some very interesting facts about geography. It’s actually inspired us to learn more!

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