A Sandwich and Some Small Town Lovin’
A Sandwich and Some Small Town Lovin’

Kellie and Allen were invited to the best little Market Street in Texas — Mabank — to celebrate Small Business Saturday and to host Mabank’s first (and hopefully annual!) Swap Party!

During the podcast, Kellie shares an article she found on the things the author WISHES she hadn’t wasted money on over the holidays. It just might save YOU some cash this Christmas!

After a particularly tense decorations incident, Kellie researched articles that can help couples survive the holidays. Yes, the holidays can be super stressful on relationships. Pay attention to these tips if you want your relationship to make it to 2019.

We also talk to the woman responsible for bringing A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ to Mabank — Starla Stone of The Pink Chair Salon. She’s also responsible for Allen being named Mayor of Mabank for the day!

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