A Sandwich and Some Split Personalities
A Sandwich and Some Split Personalities

After a very frustrating evening of Allen trying to fix Kellie’s technological mistake that led to the postponement of a semi-huge announcement, it was on with the podcast! 

This podcast was recorded on 9/11, and Allen honored all those whose lives were lost that day. Everyone can remember exactly where they were when the planes hit the Twin Towers, and both Kellie and Allen share their experiences.

Allen dives right into some Podcast Family Mail, which starts off with a wrist slap and an apology! And they got a letter from listener Caleb that is so touching, Kellie wants to keep it forever.

In addition to the launch of 3 new iPhones, Apple had a lot of other announcements this week. Kellie and Allen go through their results from the 16 Personalities quiz and Kellie is convinced she failed. And because redheads always get left out, Allen reveals some major differences between blondes and brunettes. 

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