A Sandwich and Some Strict Parents
A Sandwich and Some Strict Parents

Happy Rosh Hashanah!! Shana Tova!! 

After 20 years, Kellie reconnects with living legend, José Eber, and introduces him to Allen. Allen was lucky enough to get the cement washed out of his hair and receive the most fabulous hair cut of his life!

Allen follows @Fact on Twitter, but are these actually facts? If they’re facts, they shouldn’t be debatable, right? So if they’re debating them, why are they on a Twitter account called @Facts? Shouldn’t it be called @Debatable? Discuss.

Emma Kelly asked Kellie if she could finally watch “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix. That led Kellie to remember the shows she wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid. And THAT led Kellie to a website where adults talk about their ridiculously strict parents and the rules they had to follow as children.

And finally, it was photo shoot day! It’s getting closer and closer to launch day, and Kellie and Allen give an update on Emma Kelly & Me.

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