A Sandwich and Some Tylenol for This Hangover, Please
A Sandwich and Some Tylenol for This Hangover, Please

Kellie and Allen survived the company Christmas party….BARELY! Did Kellie FINALLY win a big prize or did J-Si win AGAIN??? Did Kellie do anything to embarrass herself or her husband? And which celebrity shared a microphone with Kellie for some Backstreet Boys karaoke?

While shopping for holiday yard art, a woman overheard a conversation between Kellie and Allen that led to an awkward moment.

Kellie took the kids to the annual Happy Birthday Jesus! party with her girlfriends while Allen checked out all the offerings at the gun show.

Allen is super excited to be invited to a Christmas party where Jerry Jones is expected to attend. Allen’s ONLY GOAL OF THE NIGHT is to get a selfie with Jerry. Will he succeed? We have to wait until next podcast to find out!

And we have a few more details on our Podcast Family Vacation! It’s definitely happening the week of July 8 and we want you to be there!!

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