A Sandwich & Some Bad Movies
A Sandwich & Some Bad Movies

Kellie loves being part of a couple because that means she gets to double date! But after Allen’s very first double date with Kellie and her friends, she was shocked he stuck around long enough to fall in love and marry her. That leads to their most recent double date with Real Housewife of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken and her fiance Rich. Was she impressed by Allen’s magic? What had Kellie and Allen drooling by the end of the night?

Kellie and Allen had a kid-free Saturday all to themselves, which led to visits to dog shelters, a hunt for the perfect wallpaper, a fabulous cocktail, and a bad movie. Have you seen “A Simple Favor” yet? If not, wait until you hear Kellie and Allen’s review to decide. Allen also gives his top five worst movies of all time.

And what happened in the doctor’s office that caused Kellie to admit she’s a complete B****? You’ll find out on this episode.

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