A Sandwich & Some Cheap Rosé
A Sandwich & Some Cheap Rosé

After lovely KiddNation intern Jenny presented Kellie with a “Slay All Day and Then Rosé” tee shirt, OBVIOUSLY she had to wear it to record the podcast while drinking a lovely glass of pink wine. Unfortunately, the only bottle in the house was on the cheap side, and oh boy……..

Kellie and Allen start off by discussing his choices in Instagram follows. Is “I only follow them because they follow me” a good excuse for a man to follow the accounts of hot girls in bikinis? IS it good marketing? They discuss. Thoroughly.

Kellie and Allen also do something they’ve never done before — they took ballroom dance lessons! (And by the way, they LOVED it.)

And meet KiddNationTV producer — and now part-time cameraman! — Ashton! He talks about what it takes to produce a daily TV show and gives some behind-the-scenes insight.

It’s also the first week of school for the Rasberry and Evans kids! How did the first day go for everybody? Were tears involved? Find out on this week’s episode.

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