A Sandwich & Some Patriotism
A Sandwich & Some Patriotism

Kellie and Allen just celebrated their one year anniversary! How did they celebrate? What did they give each other? Who didn’t stick to the original plan? Was there any anniversary lovin’???

Kellie found an article where celebrities reveal the best advice they’ve ever received. And after an unfortunate incident with a discount suitcase, Allen shares his list of things he believes you should never scrimp on. Will Kellie agree with everything on his list? (Let me go ahead and spoil that one for you……No.)

Kellie and Allen also answer questions from some podcast listeners. Remember, if you have a question or comment, you can submit those on KellieandAllen.com. We could be reading your letter in an upcoming podcast!

And finally, Allen decides to end the podcast on a very patriotic — if somewhat off key — note!

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