A Sandwich & Some Teenage Angst
A Sandwich & Some Teenage Angst

Kellie and Allen are dealing with two teenage girls right now and, as you can imagine, things can get a little emotional. After another dramatic morning getting his daughter off to school, Allen did some research and found tips for dads having trouble communicating with their daughters.

In honor of Mean Girls Day on October 4, the members of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show filled out a Burn Book with insults for each other, and a few people wrote burns for Allen! We read some of the funny ones and one that stung a little.

Then it’s time for another internet-breaking edition of Interesting Stuff. Kellie and Allen find articles they think are helpful, intriguing or just plain weird. Tune in and prepare to be interested.

Finally, a listener asks for gift ideas for her techie/DC Comics loving boyfriend, and Allen has a whole list. You might find them helpful, too!

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