I really don’t feel very good right now about my cheat weekend but its over and done with. It actually started out being a cheat day and ended up being a cheat Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I’m ok with it. Anything that was bad was eaten or drank by me.

First off, Friday was an afternoon of group cheating. I offered anyone who wanted to join me (via facebook), free chicken wings and beer. Several people took me up on it.

It was chicken wing-a-palooza up in here. After several wings in mid afternoon, I decided to pump the brakes a little bit. Around 8 or 9pm, I thought my cheat day was pretty much over. But people just kept coming in and offering me congratulatory beers and shots. It was ridiculous.

So, around 9 or so, this girl came in that I know and she sat down at the bar. She was being pretty friendly and even complimentary about my weight loss.

“Wow al, you’re looking pretty good.”

“so al. how much weight did you lose?”

“Al, let’s go out.”

I mean she was throwing down some serious al love. So, I did what any other guy would do in that situation, I went over and sat on the customer side of the bar. I have seen the girl several times but she had never really given me the time of day.

So, I asked if she wanted to go to get something to eat since we had both been at my bar for a while. She agreed. OH MY GOD, the new bod is working!!!

So we hop in a cab and we go to my favorite salmon place… it was packed. No seats anywhere. We went to another spot. Kitchen was closed. Man, I’ve got this hot girl that wants to be fed and I cant find anything…where do I take her??? POPEYES! Oh yea!

Popeyes it is… so we cab it to popeyes chicken and hit the drive thru lane.

Fortunately, there was no line but it might as well have been… we waited 15 minutes in the drive thru lane. But I needed that time to figure out our next stop. I mean where would we eat this big box of poultry goodness??? MY HOUSE!

So, after getting our 10 piece meal and sides, we headed to the 21st floor of the mack casa. Oh wait, we need a little wine. We stopped at one of those seeeedy places that has the 2inch glass between the customer and the cashier and bout two bottles of wine for $11. nothing but the best!

We got to my house, I broke out the paper plates and it was a chicken fiesta!

I wish I could tell you that I closed this deal but 7 hours later, we woke up on my couch, fully clothed and we were both covered in chicken grease and chicken crumbs…

Cheat night at the MACK CASA was awesome.