Friday was a whirlwind. A very slow whirlwind if there is such a thing. I left work and headed to the airport for a 24 hour Mexico trip. We boarded the plane and we were of to an one time start and as soon as the plane started to taxi, the pilot came on the speaker and said we had to pull into another gate to check something out. That’s never good. 30 minutes went by. Another 30 minutes and another…over 2 hours went by and then, finally we were leaving. My 24 hour trip to Mexico had just been shortened by 2 hours. The reason for this trip was simple. It was a support meeting for Edith and the staff. As soon as I got there, I went to the bar and meeting #1 was underway. We talked for a little over an hour and got things straight. I did manage to take a short trip to the beach and took a pic or two. I will have to post the pic because my face doesn’t look very happy. Maybe I was mad because I knew I would only be in Mexico long enough to “Go see George.” Anyway, I hung out a little bit and I was in bed by 11. The next day, the next meeting was with the entire staff. 3 of the employees do speak English. The other 2 do not. I think they understand it though… I think.

They at least nod as if they understand. That meeting was over at 11 and by 11:15 I was in the cab on my way back to the airport. And I don’t know if my cab driver has ever considered a career as a race car driver, but he should…. OH MY GOD, someone do the conversion. What is the equivalent of 140 kilometers per hour. Ok whatever that is, he was going even faster. And he would get up on the bumper of the vehicle in front of us so close, I could barely see the bumper. I have never been so scared in my life. It was like the Six Flags ride “Mr. Freeze.” I prayed as he drove and held on to the seat in front of me. Scariest ride ever.