The first mommy/daddy weekend is officially over… and even though we went to Vegas, and I should feel like a wreck, I feel good. Cason was a good dude to K-Ras, but apparently there was some turbulent times with his aunt Kellie. Kinsey had told K-Ras his bed time routine, but did not tell her sister, so apparently Kellie had a lot of trouble getting the lil man to go down, but other than that, he was all good! I was so happy to see him again, and since Kinsey did not tell Kellie how to put him down, he was awake when we got home… so I guess that worked out for us. And he was not cranky when we got home. It was the first time I realized that he recognizes us. He started smiling, and laughing when we walked up to him. Best feeling ever!!!

This trip did go by pretty quickly, but something cool did happen every day we were there. First night we were there, I decided to play some craps. I ended up at a table next to a guy who was playing with thousand dollar chips. I ended up rolling those things for a pretty long time, such a long time, that I managed to win 200 dollars! Ballin!!! The man next to me ended up winning… ready for this?!?! 100k dollars!!! I have never seen a person win that much money in 30 minutes. The man walked from the table after that. I figured that the guy was some super rich dude who gambles all the time. So I asked the guy in a suit who was watching him very closely if the man was someone important, and the suit guy just said, “no, just a regular guy who may have been betting more money than he should.” I saw the guy when I walked up to my room… he was playing the slot machines, and I just said “good game today!” He looked at me and said, “thank you for getting hot! I owed the casino 40k dollars before that… you got me out of it.” So I was a gambling hero to that man. I definitely don’t really understand how you can keep borrowing money from the Casino, and how he must have felt while he is getting deeper and deeper into debt. So while I am having a lil fun, gambling with 100 dollars, someone is gambling their life savings away and ruining their life. Two different experiences happening all over the place.

The next day we went to the pool and ended up sitting next to a girl wearing a thong… and her mom, who was also wearing a thong. One of the two should not have been wearing the thong. How does that conversation go?

Girl: hey mom, I am so excited to go to the pool today!

Mom: I know! should we wear matching thongs?

Girl: I was thinking of wearing this one instead.

Mom: oh, ok! I will just wear one that is way more revealing than yours to get a bunch of people to look at us with a weird look on their face.

Girl: that sounds great to me! I love wearing a thong and being next to my mom while she wears one too! It is so awesome!

Anyways, the girl ended up being Hulk Hogan’s son’s fiancé. He was there too, but I didn’t really recognize him because he did put on a lil weight… and I also don’t pay much attention to that family cause they are cray.

That night we were supposed to go to the fight… but we slept through it. Dang it!!!! I don’t know what happened, but it happened. That’s what happens when you go to the pool all day. The sun makes you sleep very well. But we did end up going to the club where Pauly D was spinning. Love that guy! You can tell that he is not letting his fame get to him. He was acting the way he does on his show. Humble, nice, and keeping it fun.

By the way, Kinsey and I tried an oxygen bar at the airport, cause we felt like poo. Kinsey loved hers, but I somehow ended up getting the one that tasted like that Fabuloso stuff that my mom used to clean the house with. Would I recommend the flavors I had? Sure, but only if you like the feeling of something related to bleach making its way through your nasal passage and into your throat and lungs.