I have no idea what Kinsey and I did to anger the world, but we are sure feeling the wrath. When it rains it pours… literally. We thought we were getting it pretty bad with the unexpected surgeries, and getting sick for what seems to be every weekend, and the thousands of dollars in medical bills that we are being sent to collections for… that fine, I am sure there is a large majority of the population that has had to put up with that naughty business. I can handle that. But last night was the event that finally made me stand outside in the middle of the pouring rain and ask what I was doing to deserve this.

At midnight, after I had a great night with my lil guy, three hours after I had been in my back yard shooting the basketball, while he sat in his little chair and watched me. I was woken up by Kinsey screaming in horror. All she kept saying is, “Jose, something bad is happening!” It was one of those surreal moments. I didn’t know if it was a nightmare or real life. But as I jumped up in a panic, what seemed to be a drive by shooting in my back yard erupted. It was so bad that the shaking and sounds knocked me to the ground. The quick firecracker noise then turned into small explosions. My back yard was lit up, and my house was filling up with smoke, and my power went out. I still had no idea what was happening. Kinsey ran outside with one of the dogs, as I ran to Cason’s room to pick up my 4 month old son, who was screaming in horror from the loud explosions happening outside my room. I didn’t know if my house was about to blow up, I didn’t know if it was on fire, I didn’t know if this was a mean prank. I just got out. Then we realized that we were missing Delilah. So, against Kinsey’s wishes, I ran back into the house to look for her… loud popping explosions still occurring, no light. My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I my legs were shaking so bad that I could barely stand. I found Delilah because I could hear her crying under my bed. I could finally hear the fire truck as I frantically tried to get her to come out from under the bed. The only other time I can remember feeling this way, was when I was held up at gun point….

The firemen finally showed up in full gear, with axes, which actually looked pretty cool. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain. Kinsey took Cason to her sisters house, and I stayed back with the firemen to see what the deal was. So what happened? The huge tree in the backyard decided it was a good time to come crashing down, taking out all of the power lines that provide us with light. The force was so strong, that it ripped off part of the house, exposing the attic. I know it sound bad, but like one of the gentlemen told me: at least the tree didn’t fall on top of our room, because that could have made the situation even worse, and at least it didn’t happen while I was out there with Cason three hours earlier, because we would not have been able to do anything to save ourselves… so for that I am thankful. Once everything sank in, and the firefighters left, I stood on my front lawn, in the rain, and let it all out. It was anger, relief, and frustration, because I don’t know what is going to happen, or what we are going to do, but it made me feel better… and I kinda felt like Ryan Gosling in the notebook during the beach scene… except it wasn’t a happy moment, and I was alone. Never mind, I should not have felt like Ryan Gosling at all. haha!

I am not thankful for the fact that we don’t have any power, and don’t have a place to live right now, until our landlord, who told us she is under financial distress and asked for rent early, fixes the house and gets an electrician to fix the lines and connect the back to the house. The tree must also be cleared. Then the city has to come inspect the work done, and THEN they will turn the power back on. Based on the fact that we cant ever get a hold of our landlord… this is not happening soon. So I will now have to find a new house and move ASAP. Oh, and to add insult to injury, we had just gone grocery shopping. Should have waited, cause now that amazing food is sitting in a warm fridge.

It can only get better from here. Right?

Moral of the story: Don’t move into a house with a huge tree in the backyard… or the old school above ground power lines.