A-Rod. Sit your Rich PED taking ass down somewhere.0730-A-RodIs it that crucial that you play more baseball? I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world but dude. You’ve made more money per year than 99% of us will make in a lifetime. The other 12 guys are taking their punishments and apologizing. Can you please just sit down and be quiet. If you’re that bored, go to the bank and look at your cash. Go on a cruise. Buy an island. I’m just tired of seeing and hearing him.

I don’t know about you guys but I could have sworn Reality Steve said that Brooks was going to get the girl on the Bachelorette. Was I smoking crack or something? I kept on looking and waiting and waiting and waiting and Chris was the guy that she settled on. Kidd always said that in any relationship, someone is reaching and someone is settling. She clearly settled. I’m not going to pretend that I had been watching this year and I’m not going to pretend like I care.

I made my weekly trip to my mom’s house to today. She needed me to change a couple of light bulbs and hook up her new cable box. I love doing stuff for my mom and I know that she hates asking me. I can tell by the tone of her voice when I talk to her. I try to let her know that I don’t mind doing these things. In fact, I kinda like doing them. When I got there, I noticed some car tracks in her front yard. I asked what happened. She said the other night at 11:30p, some dude drove his car in between her house and the next door neighbor’s house and stole the air conditioning unit from the house from next door. The next-door house is for sale with a big sign in the front yard. But how bold is that to pull in the yard and do this? They had that big ass unit in the back of their car in 5 minutes. Geez. I may have to move mom into my place pretty soon. Wow, I wonder what that would be like?

Relationship update: ok, it is slowly approaching the 1-year mark. WOW! Its been a while since I’ve been I a relationship that lasted that long. A) Am I supposed to buy anything for the 1-year dating anniversary? B) Am I supposed to make a big deal over this? C) Does anything just “Automatically” change after the 1-year mark? Are we supposed to do the Key exchange now? I guess that would be the logical step, huh? Does the “passing of the key” mean that you are welcome to come over anytime without calling? Help me out here people…another option is the Facebook password exchange. That is serious there. Or maybe the email password… would that be a good gift? Happy anniversary baby, here is my Facebook password. sounds good to me. Its cheap…or is it? That, and maybe a gym membership! Perfect. Glad I was able to hash that out while writing my blog. Oh, Oh, Oh, or maybe that bedroom stripper pole that all the women are talking about. That’s a good gift, right? Oh, that’s it…I love the stripper pole gift idea and maybe some sexy time clothes. Something that would go with my “Dressed to thrill” underwear that my mother gave me. Anybody know where I can get a pole?