Big Al’s Blog: Want a job in Mexico?
Big Al’s Blog: Want a job in Mexico?

A little over 4 years ago, I bought a small beach bar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. WHY? The answer I tell everyone when they ask me this question is: “I got drunk and bought a bar.”

Four years later the bar is doing ok. But my current Manager is tired, and burned out and she is ready to leave. So, that puts me in a very bad spot. I either have to sell the bar or I have to find another manager that speaks Spanish, good with people, and a person that can handle the temptations of being in Mexico and basically on a working vacation. I say that because I have sent a couple people down to Playa to “work” in the past and each time, they started out good…for about a week. But then they started going to the beach more and working less. And needless to say, it didn’t work out for more than a couple of months. Man, what a cool gig for someone that could handle the responsibility, huh? So, that brings me to this:


Bar Manager for Small Playa del Carmen Bar 2 blocks from the Beach.

You will be in charge of everything form hiring, inventory, bartending, scheduling…pretty much everything.

Start date: October 15 or so.

Spanish speaking is a must!

If you are a responsible person but have no real responsibilities and you are able to move to a beautiful beach town, here is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Email me.