What a fabulously chill weekend. Seriously. I holed up and watched four movies, back to back to back. Started with “The Dark Knight” because, first, I’d never seen it. I’d always heard how fabulous Heath Ledger was in it, but it just seemed so sad to go see it in the theaters right after he died. And now after this horrible shooting in Colorado, I just didn’t feel right about going to the movies to see the new Batman movie. I’d just be sitting there thinking, “Is THIS the moment it happened?” Too sad. So then I watched the DVD and sat there and cried anyway. After that, we changed the mood with a mini-marathon: “Limitless,” “Knight and Day” and “The Holiday.” I’ll tell you what, watching Tom Cruise in a movie always makes me forget how weird he is.

Other than that, I went out in search of some cute yet comfortable walking shoes to wear to London. I figure if I’m not going to be taking trains or any form of mass transportation that may be targeted by terrorists or masses of sweaty tourists, I’ll be doing a heck of a lot of walking and I’d prefer to be cute while doing it. But I’m starting to think there’s no such thing as cute and comfortable on this planet we call Earth. I did, however, find a fabulous pair of Vera Wang Lavender black evening shoes at Marshall’s that were regularly $330 but on sale for $60. I won’t be wearing those on the streets of London but I will be wearing them the next chance I get fancy.

I’ve got a long list of To Do’s that I’m trying to knock out before our plane departs this great land of ours. I took care of calling the credit card company to let them know I’ll be traveling, so don’t embarrass me by denying my credit card purchase in front of some snotty little British store clerk who’s already bothered by the fact I’m even in her presence, and now I either can’t afford what I’m trying to buy or I’m trying to use a stolen credit card. I also bought an outlet converter because I remember the last time I went to England 12 years ago, I figured how big of a deal is it REALLY to convert a power plug. I ended up destroying 2 hair dryers in the process. So this time, I’m converting. I’ve gotten Emma Kelly’s care covered, as well as the dog, the bird and two frogs. I also got my mani/pedi out of the way. I’ve made appointments to get my roots done, my neck adjusted and my body tanned. (I’m doing that whole spray-tan thing at the very end of the week, hoping I can stretch it out until Tuesday, at least.) I’ve also lined up a ride to the airport, and now all I have to do is find those elusive cute and comfortable walking shoes, figure out what the heck I’m packing for England and then attend my friend Dianthe’s big 4-0. Yes, I’m going to a big birthday party the night before we leave for London, but I figure if I’m suffering a hangover the next day, I’ll have a 9-hour flight to sleep it off.